For us, the road to Albania began in 2002.  We were a family of four, with twin boys just under two years old, when Robert went to a ministry conference in Colorado Springs and heard for the first time about the 10-40 window and the history of the movement of the gospel in the world.  I had grown up in the church but I had never met a missionary personally or knew of anyone who was serving cross-culturally.  We knew God had a plan for us but we did not know what that entailed.  I had imagined that all missionaries were zealots who lived in huts.  We began praying for the 10-40 window and specifically, for Robert to have an opportunity to go.  God moved.  A few months later, Robert found himself in Albania with a group of pastors and business men.  When he came home my first statement was “Please tell me we are not moving to Albania.”  Our boys were only two and I had just started a small business. Robert told me he did not know when or how, but he was sure that he would be back in Albania someday and if that was God’s plan for us, I would be convicted as well on my own.

Three years later, I became convicted as well, that God had us on a path to serve in Albania.   We moved to Tirana, the capitol city, in September 2006 to work with teens in an existing church.  You can read the rest of our story and about our ministry at

The container that moved our personal belongings to Albania

Our first home in Albania


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  1. Hi, My name is Tiffany. My husband is in seminary and soon will (God Willing) become a priest in the Orthodox church. I am looking to connect with wives of missionaries in Albania. My husband participated in mission work there this summer and is feeling a call to be part of a long term mission in Albania with our family. We have a 2 year old son, and a baby on the way (due this fall). If you have time, I would be blessed to know and chat with you.
    In His Peace,

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