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The Money Tree


Today I am blogging over at Journey to Albania!  This week we have been sharing about our upcoming HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) also known as furlough.  An important part of being a missionary is learning to live on the gifts of others.  Read about our fund-raising needs and goals for the summer … it’s a good thing God has all the Money!


Furlough and HMA


We are preparing to be stateside in a week!  Our departure is planned for next Wednesday and we will land in Denver, CO at around midnight Wednesday night mountain time!  We have much to do before our departure!  I am blogging this week at about furlough and HMA (Home Ministry Assignment). Head over there to catch up on our plans for the summer!

Blog Love


Today I am FINALLY updating the blogroll… (this one is for you, Adam). I have lots of blog friends out there. Some whom I know personally and others only through cyberspace. I learn and am stretched by their thoughts, insights and experiences. So… I have updated the blog list so you can add them to yours. I made a special category/list for our friends who have adopted from China. 🙂 So check out the blogs… you are sure to find something inspirational and fun to read!

Brutally honest


Today I am directing you to my friend Bex’s (short for Rebecca) post. Bex is a single 23 year old young woman living in North Africa. We met two years ago at the training school for our mission organization. Her post today is totally honest about the difficulties she is facing as a Jesus lover in a land where loving Him comes with great cost. You need to read her experience in her own words.

quotation-marks.jpg” The other day I was walking down the road in a long skirt and long sleeve shirt with a head scarf and it was about 115 degrees and dusty and some guys were busy yelling about me being a foreigner and I caught myself telling God – “you know, I’ve been here seven months and I don’t really love North Africa that much yet, I could still leave and never look back and never cry much.” And I heard God ask me – “but do you love me?” And I’m not in North Africa because I love it so much, but I’m still here because I love God…and that’s reason enough.” Read the rest of her post here.

Robert and I were talking today about needing to “demystify” what it means to be a missionary. Before we moved to the field we had a lofty idea of what it means to be a missionary. That you have to have it all together to be used by God. Every day we are seeing that it is really so much simpler than that. It is willingness to be like Bex, to be molded and used by God, even in a place that is hard. I have a lot more to say about that … I will save it for another day!
Please pray for our friend Bex today!

A new site


Drum roll please…. for those of you who are faithful readers, we FINALLY have posted the new and improved  We were having some difficulty with posting, memory on our hard drive and rss feeds.  All those have been fixed but creating a new site with (which by the way we LOVE).  This will make it much easier for us to post new updates and ministry news!  YEAH!  Visit the new site and subscribe today!