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It has been almost 9 months since I wrote on this blog!  Yikes…. where did that time go?  We have had a very busy several months which would take too long to catch you up on so I am going to settle for the highlights and get back to the story-telling of our ho-hum lives that we find fascinating!

Sept 3- We arrived back in Albania and moved into our new home.  Imagine our surprise when we discover the porch, the entryway and the kitchen had been painted pink in preparation for our arrival. 🙂

Sept 6- The boys started 4th grade!  They are back at GDQ school and love their teacher(s) and their classmates.  They have the largest class in lower school, 14 kids from 8 different countries.

Sept 13- Jadyn started her new Albanian preschool (kopesht).  We are very grateful to have found a wonderful, small preschool near our home.  Jadyn goes everyday for a few hours and enjoys her time with her Albanian friends.  She is very close to becoming my official translator.

Sept 21- I began teaching music K-5 at GDQ School.  I love it…. it has been several years since I was in the classroom and I have missed it.  I love all the fun things we get to do with music and I love  It is the greatest invention for the music teacher.

ALSO in Sept- The Loft Youth Ministry moved into a new location.  So Robert and Egli have been busy moving, painting, building and organizing for our new location.  We have had a huge number of visitors to the Loft over the course of the fall.  Check out pictures of our new location and ministry happening at

AND THAT IS ONLY SEPTEMBER!!  Since it is already March, I clearly have much more to fill you in on…. stay tuned!

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  1. Oh my! It has been so long since you have posted. Life is like that though, time can just slip right by. I can’t believe how big Jadyn has gotten and she is just a beautiful as ever. so glad you are back blogging again. Hope all is well with W crew 🙂

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