Monthly Archives: June 2010



Well, we have made it to OK soil and I confess, when we crossed the border, there is still a sense of “home” to this place we love.  We have had a few days to get settled and rest since we have been busy and on the road since we arrived in the US three weeks ago!  We are so blessed to let you know that a family from Henderson Hills Baptist Church is allowing us to reside in their garage apartment on their property north of Edmond for the entire duration of our stay in OK!  It is a 2 bedroom apartment above their detached garage.  They also have a pool which we have already put to good use. We are really grateful for their heart for missionaries and that we were blessed to cross paths with them.

We started in Colorado seeing our parents, supporters and friends.  Since then, we have been to Utah to see my sister, Nevada to see college friends, Arizona to see Robert’s sister and visit the Frontier’s Home office, Texas to see the Dill family who will be joining us in Albania in a few months and we bought a car for our use this summer and to ship back to Albania at the end of our time in the US.  Whew!  We are really glad to be settling down.  We have unpacked our suitcases and are anxious to connect with YOU if you are in OK!

Here are our stateside cell phone numbers…. we are still working out some schedules but for the most part we are wide open so if you would like to see us please call and we will schedule a time!

THIS SUNDAY: We’re at Journey Church in Norman!

Jenny 405-401-7484

Robert 405-343-8908