Emergency delivery


Last week I had our carpets picked up so they could be cleaned.  The man came to my house and took them and we requested to have them delivered to the new house so we could put them in storage for the summer.  I gave him general directions on the phone and asked to meet him in front of a store close to my new house.  When I got there, I could not find him.  He called and was telling my what to look for, but I could not understand his Albanian on the phone.  I went into a local store and explained to the store keeper what was happening and asked her if she could talk to him so I could find him.   She spoke to him for a few minutes then took me outside and pointed to an ambulance.  Really?  That is my carpet delivery guy?  Indeed it was.  The back of the ambulance was loaded with all kinds of carpets all rolled up for delivery!

Similar to the one that delivered my carpets!!


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