The God who Sees


Mariam has learned to sit at the feet of Jesus. She grew up in a broken home, one step away from the streets. Her childhood was crazy-surrounded by guns, drugs, prostitution. Placed in foster care, she eventually found her way into the arms of an African-American convert to Islam. When her marriage resulted with one child and a divorce, at 18 Mariam was looking for a “savior.” She thought she found him in a Muslim immigrant, a father-figure who was her hope for the future.  Read the rest of Miram’s story here…

The Crescent Project has designated the month of May as a Month of Prayer for Muslim Women.  Would you join me in prayer for these precious women of the world, created by our God just like us?  You can sign up for Crescent Project’s daily emails here. The motto of our mission sending agency is “With love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.”  Won’t you join us by taking a step and praying for them?    Don’t we have a hope worth sharing?


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