Photo wars


All we moms want, is a nice, simple, smiley picture when the kid looks cute.  Really… how often do we ask them to dress up and pose a little??

I started with this one... my shoes and my purse, Oh Cute!

Then we had to move the purse to the shoulder

Didn't quite make it... it's heavy!

Gotta do a little dance

"Say cheese" is lately translated in her mind as "Stick your tongue out"

Now tongue and a little head tilt

After being told "Stop__Sticking____Your____ Tongue_____ OUT!" (Imagine level of mom's volume increasing with each word)

"Oh look, tic tacs!"


Why do we torture ourselves so?


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  1. This is adorable … your captions offer the perfect, actually CLASSIC, description of a Mom’s feelings during attempts to photograph her kids.

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