The new trend in furniture stores


Outside of Tirana prices for just about anything you want come way down.  I guess it is that way in most big cities.  Those who are willing and able to drive out a little bit can find a better price on merchandice.

So a few weeks ago we took a road trip toward the mountain town of Kruja to see what was out that way.  Furniture stores.  For long stretches of road there is nothing but furniture stores.  But they have an interesting twist.  No doors.

This one has no doors at all... are they open 24/7? What happens when it rains?

There appear to be doors on the bottom but not on the top level. Maybe there are no stairs so it is secure. You may laugh... it could be true!

This one does have doors... and a mad cow to guard the place

Seriously, some things just make you wonder…

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  1. Jen,

    I love this and all the other posts I just caught up on! You are absolutely beautiful and I’m so thankful for your heart for your kids, Robert, Albania, and especially Jesus! I can’t wait to see you this summer and wrap you up in quality time, prayers, and encouragement! Love you!

  2. jenny,
    i just saw this post today, and i love the fact that no where has a door…amazing…it could be like africa, except that we have little risk of rain (or cold).

    also, i’m extremely jealous that you have so much choice in furniture – granted the furniture looks strange and with little real variety. but having recently moved to a new house, my housemate and i have been buying furniture. and it’s been quite easy because there is absolutely no choice, so you just buy whatever you find. we wanted a two-door cabinet to store clothes, and it’s a quite common piece of furniture in this nation – and literally we found two in the whole city of 200,000 people. two. i should write my own blog post about furniture. 🙂

    i hope you guys are doing well. austin, tyler and jaydn are getting so big – they’re very cute.

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