Birthday parties and Hatchbacks


Jadyn’s birthday was last week (March 31).  Bless her little 4 year old heart …. it went by with only a hug and a “Happy Birthday” and we canceled her party.  You see that was the day we brought Tyler home from the hospital.

So Friday we made up for lost time and took the children from her class to the Kolonot – Albania’s version of McDonalds but serving pizza.  Did you know that Tirana is the only European capitol that does not have a McDonalds?  There were 6 children, Tyler and Vera, their teacher and I.  It was a great time.

The whole gang!

A present from her brothers... she calls it her "Treasure Chest"

Decorating it was a big hit!

Birthday cupcakes!

But what does that have to do with a hatchback you ask?  Well, it would not be a typcial day in Albania if I did not have a story to share.  A friend brought us to the Kolonat in her vehicle (mine was having a few overheating problems) and dropped us off.  When we were all finished, we were going to get a taxi.  Vera went out to the road to find one but couldn’t so she ended up talking to a man standing on the corner and asking about getting a taxi.  He spoke right up and volunteered.  She came back and got us and this what he drove up in.

3 adults, 7 kids, 1 Hyundai = A Great birthday party!

A must for living in Albania:


EDIT:  Sorry, I must note that the car we were in did NOT have four doors.  More like this:

Hatchback for 10

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  1. Visions of clown cars from the circus are running though my head! I’m sure it will be a party Jadyn will never forget!
    By the way, it is great to see you blogging regularly again. I”d missed you!

  2. Ok — that is such a funny picture in my head (all of you in that car) .. that’s even an unusually small 4 door from the looks of it! Dito what Kristi said — glad to see you back in the “blog-world” more often!

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