Dita e Nënës/ Mother’s Day (March 8)


Mother’s day (also known as Women’s day) was celebrated here in Albania on March 8.  It is a day to celebrate the women in your life, not just mom’s.  Albanian’s celebrate by bringing flowers and small gifts and women gather together for a “girl’s night” out for lunch or dinner, dancing and celebrating together.

Jadyn’s preschool honored mom’s by having a Mother’s Day program.   Her preschool is a group of families in our church who have gathered together to hire a teacher.  They meet in the living room of one family’s home 5 days a week.  Jadyn goes three days a week.  Their teacher is Vera.  Vera is trained as an early education teacher here in Albania.  Vera only speaks Albanian so you can imagine how quickly Jadyn’s language is developing when she is immersed in this environment.  Sponges, I tell you!  Those little minds learn fast!

So here are a few highlights from the evening.  Don’t miss the videos at the bottom!

Jadyn and Teta (Aunt) Vera

I love that we caught this on camera... a wink and a thumbs up!

A little snack afterward... Austin and Tyler loved that part

Jadyn and Linda

Here they do not really teach small children to sing, instead they learn poems and chants like these.

But they did give Jadyn and her friend Lydia and opportunity to shine!

Happy (early for us American’s) Mother’s Day!


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  1. Those sweet voices would brighten any mother’s heart. Keep that love in your heart and the echo of those words in mind when the clouds make life seem overcast with rainy day thoughts. Keep on the sunny side!

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