My Red Sea Moment


I read Cindy’s post today, and I had to share my Red Sea Moment.  For this is an exact description of the deliverance I have felt this week under God’s hand.

One of the greatest fears of a missionary mom can be related to medical services in the country where you are serving.  We have become very spoiled in America, receiving the highest quality medical care the world has to offer.  We might even consider ourselves medical snobs.  I admit that indeed, this has been one of my greatest fears in moving to a developing country.  What if something happens to one of my kids?  Who do we call in an emergency?  Who can we trust to provide us with the best standard of care?  Medical education is still not what it needs to be here in Albania.  Many doctors have been trained outside the country, but many more have not.  Corruption of the system and bribery for quality care are still the norm. Equipment is not always the latest technology and medical supplies can be in short supply.

In the midst of all my fears, God parted the waters and we walked on dry land.  As Tyler went into surgery for an appendectomy, I was at peace.  We were on hallowed ground, standing between the walls of water that could have crashed in on us at any moment.  And yet, they did not.   There are so many things to be grateful for:

Robert had the thought his mind, clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, that Tyler had appendicitis on the night he became so ill.  I was dismissive.  It’s only a virus, I said.  God’s providence in that one thought planted in the mind of my husband has been so evident. The “what ifs” still roll around in my mind.

Dr. Linderman is an American general surgeon.  He and his family are here serving as missionaries here in Albania.  His children attend school with ours.  I can honestly tell you that once Tyler was under his care, I had no fear for him and was completely at peace. I knew that without a doubt God had placed him there, in that moment, for us.

The newly opened American Hospital, named for quality assurance, no association with America and not American run, is where the surgery was done.  I don’t know what I expected but this was not it.  While it was small, the facility was modern and well equipped. We even had a TV and fridge in our small private room, the only one of two on the floor.

In the midst of our storm, God showed up.  Mighty as ever, determined to fight for us.  When my first instinct might have been to shake my fist at him and ask “Why couldn’t you just let us serve in America where it is safe?!” (see Exodus 14:10-12), I remember how Moses answered the people.

“The Lord will fight for you,

you need only to be still.”

~Exodus 14:14

He still shows Himself as what He is… faithful.


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