Potato, Tomato


Jadyn and I were making a salad to go with dinner yesterday evening… she was talk, talk, talking…. (the usual around here) and giving me a blow by blow of our actions.

J: Are we going to cut the potatoes?

Me: Do you mean the tomatos?

J: Yes, potatoes.

Me: Jadyn, these are tomatos with a T.  Potatoes are these (I show her some from the fridge).  Can you say tomato, with a T?

J: Potato.

Me: T, sweetheart.  (Making the T sound). T,t,t,t,t.

J: Mom!! (with exasperation) I can’t say that, I’m from China.

I get one of these looks to go with it….

Just for the record, this is her new excuse for EVERYTHING.

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