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Language lessons for little ones


Language lessons for little ones: Do simple tasks with a loving and patient friend.

This week, as I was listening to Linda and Jadyn, I was struck with how much Albanian Jadyn speaks and understands. I don’t hear her speak it as much because around us she naturally reverts to English, but when Linda is here, I am amazed at the things she says. As she was sweeping the yard with Linda, Jadyn was giving instructions in Albanian.

Pak me shume uji. (A little more water)
Fshij ketu. (I’m sweeping here)
Prit, Linda! (Wait, Linda)
Mbarova. (I finished)

When we get this language down, we’ll start on Chinese.


Potato, Tomato


Jadyn and I were making a salad to go with dinner yesterday evening… she was talk, talk, talking…. (the usual around here) and giving me a blow by blow of our actions.

J: Are we going to cut the potatoes?

Me: Do you mean the tomatos?

J: Yes, potatoes.

Me: Jadyn, these are tomatos with a T.  Potatoes are these (I show her some from the fridge).  Can you say tomato, with a T?

J: Potato.

Me: T, sweetheart.  (Making the T sound). T,t,t,t,t.

J: Mom!! (with exasperation) I can’t say that, I’m from China.

I get one of these looks to go with it….

Just for the record, this is her new excuse for EVERYTHING.