In the Kitchen


Here in Albania I cook a lot more than I did in the States.  Not only are there less “pre-made” items, which certainly translates as less “convenience” items, there are many items we were used to in the States we can’t get here at all.   There are also fewer  places we eat out as a family – not a lot of fast food (American style anyway) and not many restaurants that we all like.

So… I spend more time in the kitchen.  I really believed I knew how to cook from scratch.  I had not even scratched the surface.  🙂 Here’s a rundown of what I made today:


Banana bread: 2 loaves- one for now, one for the freezer.  I needed to use up all my over ripe bananas.

Chicken stock (later we turned it into chicken soup): We like to eat rotisserie chickens as a quick meal when I need a break from cooking.  I save and freeze the bones and skins to make chicken stock/ broth which I can’t buy!)

Maple Syrup: It’s just sugar and water, people!  Easy and cheap.

Granola bars: This was a new one.  I subscribe to a healthy snacks list from There was another recipe that came in the e-mail this week that called for sweetened condensed milk which I can, in fact, get here, but I found this one for which I had everything in the cupboard.  Robert and I think they turned out great but the kids were not so impressed.  I’ll keep trying!

Egg noodles: These were for the chicken soup that we eventually made out of the chicken stock.  This made three batches.  One for today and two for the freezer.  I still can’t get the noodles as small as my grandma’s.  I guess when I am 96, I’ll have it down.

IMG_1390 IMG_1397

Whew… that was quite a day!

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  1. Looks great. It’s a lot more work than back here. Thank you so much for keeping us abreast on happenings there. But you all are likely eating much more healthy. So how hard were the noodles? Susan

  2. Hello you don’t know me but I was looking through your blog and came across your noodles and you wondering how to make them thin so I thought I’d tell you how I learned to do it. Make your egg noodle dough then roll it out paper thin. Then cover it with lots of flour and roll it up like a jelly roll stretch it and tuck in the flour as you do it into a really really tight roll, you will need lots of flour for this. Then cut it in really thin strips and cut them in half. use a sieve to get out the extra flour. You can lay these on cookie sheet or counter somewhere and dry them or put on cookie sheets and freeze to be used later or boil right away. I always think freezing them tastes better than drying but without space in a freezer drying and putting in plastic bags works too. enjoy and God bless you in your ministry.

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