Gezuar Pashken! (Happy Easter)


Today was a special day…. not only was there an amazing celebration of Easter here in Tirana, but today was the day my sweet friend Linda gave her life to Christ.


There was a concert and Eater Celebration for all Christian churches in Tirana this morning at Mother Teresa Square.  We gathered in the center of town and walked to the square for worship.  It was amazing to see thousands of Christians from around our city unified under Christ.  Linda joined our family and went with us to the service.  I could see that God was stirring her heart as she was singing songs and celebrating with us.


After the service our church had a picnic in the park.  After lunch, Linda and I were sitting together and I asked her if she knew the whole story of Jesus.   She asked my if it was a true story.  I told her YES!  She has heard the story but not remembered details.  In my very basic Albanian, I told Linda the story of God’s love for us, how we have been separated from Him by our sin, how He sent His Son to take our place by dying on the cross, and the hope we have in Him because HE IS RISEN.

I used simple words and short sentences and I stumbled a lot,  but she was patient and thirsty to know more.  As I was nearing a place that caused me to struggle even more, Sonja walked up and sat down.  She told me later she could see we were in a serious conversation and she almost walked on but as soon as she sat down, I asked her if she could translate a little for me.  I told Linda, that it seemed to be that God had been drawing her to himself for a long time.  Sonja helped me make my sentences and ideas more clear, and after talking for some time, I asked Linda if she wanted to ask Jesus to come in live in her heart.  She said yes, she really wanted to pray but she didn’t know how.  Do you remember feeling that way? I do!  I encouraged her that God hears our words and our thoughts, but that I would help her by saying the words that she could say after me.

Today, my sister, Linda, became a believer in Jesus.

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.  John 1:12

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  1. Jenny! Praise God! Wopsle and I are just rejoicing like crazy as we’re reading this! This is such an amazing story and one that I know will continue as you remain faithful to the Lord and to your relationship with Linda. Praise be to God, I just feel like dancing for our new friend in Christ! YAY!

  2. Jenny, what a wonderful Easter blessing for you and for Linda! And how amazing to see so many Christians gathered openly to celebrate the risen Lord in a Muslim nation where just a short time ago it was “officially” declared there WAS NO GOD!
    We so enjoyed having Robert and Egle with us last week – missed you and the kids, though. Bless you all for so faithfully serving the Living God of Easter miracles!
    Love you,
    Becky Hopkins

  3. Jenny,
    Just read about Linda! Always a great day when a new person in Christ is born; and angels entertained!
    Loved the Shoebox story as I have filled a few of those.
    Chuckled at the Chik-fil-a song. As you can tell, I need to get on here more often. Love and prayers, Janet

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