Well, I am very behind about posting some of the recent happenings.  So I will play a little catch up…. we had a big milestone at our house last weekend before Robert headed off for America.  Jadyn got a new bed!

She had been sleeping with Tyler (head at opposite ends of the bed) since Christmas.  It was actually Tyler’s suggestions and it turned out to be a great way to have the transition.  We have a railing for Tyler’s lower bunk and that game Mom the added security she needed to move her baby to a big girl bed.

In January we began looking for new beds.  They were not cheap so we started to look into having on built.  Another missionary here, Kyle, ending up building for us for just the cost of the materials and it turned out just beautifully!  Here is the big day….


Daddy and Jordan putting the pieces together.


I am not sure what to think about this.


Okay… I think I like it!


Finally… my own bed!

A couple nights later we went out for dinner at the Stephen Center as a family.  We saw Kyle there and thanked him for the wonderful work he did.  We told Jadyn that Kyle had made her bed but she said

“NO!  Daddy make my bed!”

There was no convincing her otherwise.

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  1. Congratulations big girl Jadyn! The bed is beautiful ~ actually very similar to Kylie’s bed with the storage drawers.
    Love that she is convinced that Daddy made it, you know, technically…

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