Wheel clamps, taxis and fake McDonalds


What happens when Robert leaves the country?  Things begin to go wrong that’s what.  Robert left yesterday morning for three weeks in the US.  He and Egli will be going to the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Conference at Saddleback and the visiting a few folks in CO and OK.  So let’s just start with the drama.

Yesterday I took a family who is here visiting from American and their three kids to the Kollonat for lunch.  It is our fake McDonalds.  We had imitation hamburgers (I am really not sure what that meat was!) with french fries and sodas with no ice.  Hmmm.  Afterward, I was going to take Marcella and the kids back to their hotel to rest before I picked up Jadyn from preschool.  But this is what I found attached to my car.


Big mistake… I had parked in a taxi zone.  What can I say, I’m a dork.

It took three people to rescue me. De picked up Jadyn from preschool and took care of her.  Bob picked up my ticket, took it to the government building to pay it so they would send some one back to unlock the clamp.   And Matt came and got my jet-lagged guests so they could get a nap in at their hotel.

Note to self:  When your husband goes out of town, stay home.

Side note:   When I called Bob to ask for help, I told him I was in a pickle (this is not a phrase I think I have used EVER).  This made Marcella laugh.  I asked her why.  “No wonder you’re in a pickle… we’re the Dill family.”

God has a good sense of humor.


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  1. Wow, bummer of a day, but how blessed you must feel to have had so many willing to help you out! After reading that you are on your own for three weeks in a country that you only partially speak the language, I PROMISE to never again complain when Ian is gone on business for two days!
    Ah, and fake McDonalds, makes me think of good old Quick Hamburger in France…

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