What do Coke, lemons and coffee have in common?



I sent the boys off to the store tonight to pick up 5 bottles of soda before we had our youth volunteers over for pizza. This was about an hour before the meeting and I was doing some last minute pick up and trying to get to the shower after a long day of painting and house projects. I was gathering the last load of clothes from the laundry room to take up stairs and I turned around to find a strange woman in my entry way carrying 5- 1.5 liters bottles of soda. Both of the boys are behind her.

The boys had apparently been struggling to get their full load back to the house (it’s less than 50 yards to the store) so she carried them for them.  I thanked her several times and on her way out she noticed my bag of lemons outside the door.  We pruned the lemon tree last week and picked about 4 dozen lemons from the limbs we took down.  I have been giving them away ever since.

“Just one piece.”  she tells me as she takes one.

“Take several! Please,we have so many!” She does.

I reach out to shake her hand thanking her again for helping the boys and she leans forward to kiss both my cheeks.

“Let’s have coffee,”  she says.

“Yes, lets.”  I agree.

She departs quickly and I realize I did not ask her name.

A stranger, soon to be friend, will be coming for coffee.  Who knows when.

That, in a nutshell, is life in Albania.

Meet a stranger…give her a lemon….have a coffee… friend for life.



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  1. Hi Jenny, What a wonderful story! We don’t really get living in another country without your great blog and e-mails. Keep enjoying life and updating your blog.

    Love, Kim

  2. It’s those simple encounters in life that
    make us take pause……wishing for a stranger
    to knock at my door.
    Never stop writing about your experiences!!!!!
    They inspire us
    Love You

  3. Wow, what difference in culture! It makes me long for a simpler time when our lives weren’t overburdened with fear of allowing our kids out of our sight- a stranger was simply a friend we’d not yet met, and people took time to get to know each other in person. With all our technology that, at times, impedes face to face communication, it is refreshing to remember that things haven’t always been that way!!

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