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Ipod Generation


You know your children were born in the Ipod generation when…..

You have to limit the time your three year old plays games on daddy’s ipod.

This is Jadyn driving her race car……



Red Nose Day


A couple weeks ago the boys had a special day at school called Red Nose Day.  It was a day set aside to raise money for a charity in England that supports needey children in Africa.  As a part of the day, teh boys each got to choose how they wanted to dress up, just for fun.  It was sort of like Halloween.  So here is what we came up with!

Austin chose to be “Thing 2” from Cat in the Hat.  Tyler wanted to be a pirate.  Tyler was one of the top 5 costumes in a school vote!  Isn’t it fun to be a kid?




Well, I am very behind about posting some of the recent happenings.  So I will play a little catch up…. we had a big milestone at our house last weekend before Robert headed off for America.  Jadyn got a new bed!

She had been sleeping with Tyler (head at opposite ends of the bed) since Christmas.  It was actually Tyler’s suggestions and it turned out to be a great way to have the transition.  We have a railing for Tyler’s lower bunk and that game Mom the added security she needed to move her baby to a big girl bed.

In January we began looking for new beds.  They were not cheap so we started to look into having on built.  Another missionary here, Kyle, ending up building for us for just the cost of the materials and it turned out just beautifully!  Here is the big day….


Daddy and Jordan putting the pieces together.


I am not sure what to think about this.


Okay… I think I like it!


Finally… my own bed!

A couple nights later we went out for dinner at the Stephen Center as a family.  We saw Kyle there and thanked him for the wonderful work he did.  We told Jadyn that Kyle had made her bed but she said

“NO!  Daddy make my bed!”

There was no convincing her otherwise.

Wheel clamps, taxis and fake McDonalds


What happens when Robert leaves the country?  Things begin to go wrong that’s what.  Robert left yesterday morning for three weeks in the US.  He and Egli will be going to the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Conference at Saddleback and the visiting a few folks in CO and OK.  So let’s just start with the drama.

Yesterday I took a family who is here visiting from American and their three kids to the Kollonat for lunch.  It is our fake McDonalds.  We had imitation hamburgers (I am really not sure what that meat was!) with french fries and sodas with no ice.  Hmmm.  Afterward, I was going to take Marcella and the kids back to their hotel to rest before I picked up Jadyn from preschool.  But this is what I found attached to my car.


Big mistake… I had parked in a taxi zone.  What can I say, I’m a dork.

It took three people to rescue me. De picked up Jadyn from preschool and took care of her.  Bob picked up my ticket, took it to the government building to pay it so they would send some one back to unlock the clamp.   And Matt came and got my jet-lagged guests so they could get a nap in at their hotel.

Note to self:  When your husband goes out of town, stay home.

Side note:   When I called Bob to ask for help, I told him I was in a pickle (this is not a phrase I think I have used EVER).  This made Marcella laugh.  I asked her why.  “No wonder you’re in a pickle… we’re the Dill family.”

God has a good sense of humor.

What do Coke, lemons and coffee have in common?



I sent the boys off to the store tonight to pick up 5 bottles of soda before we had our youth volunteers over for pizza. This was about an hour before the meeting and I was doing some last minute pick up and trying to get to the shower after a long day of painting and house projects. I was gathering the last load of clothes from the laundry room to take up stairs and I turned around to find a strange woman in my entry way carrying 5- 1.5 liters bottles of soda. Both of the boys are behind her.

The boys had apparently been struggling to get their full load back to the house (it’s less than 50 yards to the store) so she carried them for them.  I thanked her several times and on her way out she noticed my bag of lemons outside the door.  We pruned the lemon tree last week and picked about 4 dozen lemons from the limbs we took down.  I have been giving them away ever since.

“Just one piece.”  she tells me as she takes one.

“Take several! Please,we have so many!” She does.

I reach out to shake her hand thanking her again for helping the boys and she leans forward to kiss both my cheeks.

“Let’s have coffee,”  she says.

“Yes, lets.”  I agree.

She departs quickly and I realize I did not ask her name.

A stranger, soon to be friend, will be coming for coffee.  Who knows when.

That, in a nutshell, is life in Albania.

Meet a stranger…give her a lemon….have a coffee… friend for life.