How’s your geography?



Here’s a link to a self -test on your European geography.  Test yourself and leave a comment with your score.  Then I’ll tell you what I scored!


European map test


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  1. Wow, that was pretty hard when at first it was just a big blank map. I would have done better if it had been an outline map and I just had to match the names of the countries to the correct outlines. I got 83%.
    I also bookmarked it, that will be fun to play again later ~ I LOVE geography and maps.

  2. I got 37/46 – 80%… I missed all the tiny ones! A few, I placed just off the map and they counted it against me. I was robbed! I’ll try again.

    Average error of 105 miles. Europe isn’t my strong point! :o)

    Thanks for the game!

  3. I am a little late in replying…. I am never good at commenting on my own posts!!
    My score: 36/46 which is 78%. But my average error was only 68 miles. Is that good?
    Some of those little countries really got me!

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