Yesterday was Gotcha Day! 2 years ago we were in China having Jadyn placed in our arms for the first time.  The scene is still vivid in my mind.  Screaming babies everywhere… and there was our quiet but curious daughter.

Is is possible that two years have really passed?  It seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. What a precious gem we have.  We celebrated with food and friends and by of course watching video.  What a great day!



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  1. Jadyn has really grown up! They all have…I just try hard not to admit that Caroline has grown so much. Good grief…Mindy is a SOPHOMORE in high school! Just wanted you to know we’re so happy you’re part of our China family! We sent a card the other day…you’ll have to let me know how long it takes to get there! Happy Gotcha Day!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day!!! I love the you posted a video – it’s so sweet to watch — what awesome memories. I remember riding the elevator with you all & the Shartzer’s (didn’t we get off on the wrong floor? — haa) I so hope that you all will be in the states this summer & we get to catch up with you guys!!

  3. Do you find yourself scared that you are going to blink again and she’ll be headed off to college? Cause I do…
    Love her little green silk ~ it’s a beautiful color on her!
    I’m a bit late in the wishes, but happy Gotcha Day!

  4. i saw the video! thanks for sharing!!!! i LOVE it and i can’t believe how calm she is! and beautiful! how special jen. love ya, bek

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