Monthly Archives: February 2009

How’s your geography?



Here’s a link to a self -test on your European geography.  Test yourself and leave a comment with your score.  Then I’ll tell you what I scored!


European map test


Airplane mommy


My friend Kristi did an interview with her daughter Kylie this week.  My favorite quote…

Kristi- What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kylie- A airplane mommy. My babies are in China!

I feel the exact same way!

You don’t have to be a politician to put forth a stimulus package


This might be the best quote in recent months in relationship to the economic crisis our country is facing.  Read this GREAT story about a State representative’s wife who is allowing a mother and her son live in her house, rent free, until they get back on their feet.

Random acts of kindness, people.  It is God at work among us.




Yesterday was Gotcha Day! 2 years ago we were in China having Jadyn placed in our arms for the first time.  The scene is still vivid in my mind.  Screaming babies everywhere… and there was our quiet but curious daughter.

Is is possible that two years have really passed?  It seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. What a precious gem we have.  We celebrated with food and friends and by of course watching video.  What a great day!