25 random things about me


I have been tagged on Facebook at least 5 or 6 times… so I have finally finished my list and I am posting it here for your enjoyment.

25. I always wanted to be a music teacher.

24. My husband and I were high school and college sweethearts (with a few break ups in the early years)

23. When I started college (working toward a degree in Music Ed) I always said I would NEVER teach middle school.  It was my first job and I loved it!

22. I owned and ran my own business for 8 years.

21. I have traveled to 11 countries.  This year I hope to add 2 more to the list.

20. When I was growing up my family took long vacations in our motor home all across the country.  It was WONDERFUL and I miss it! We even spent Christmas one year in the camper.

19. When I first came to OU (Boomer Sooner), Robert insisted that I buy season tickets to the football games.  The cost for a season pass for student tickets was $40.  I thought that was really expensive for 6 games.  Why would I want to do that?!

18. I love watching old musicals.  My favorite is Singin’ in the Rain.

17. I type pretty fast but make lots of mistakes.  This is very annoying to my husband.

16. I love movies- all kinds, except horror films.  They give me nightmares.

15. I confess, I am a Trekie.  Is that how you spell it?  I have never written it down.  I hope it will make my dad proud.   I have seen all of the Star Trek Movies (more than once) and I avidly watched Star Trek the Next Generation.  Someone I know has several seasons on DVD here in Albania.  My husband is opposed to the idea of me borrowing them.

14. I don’t bathe my kids every night.  I never have.  I know this seems wrong to some people.  Now that we live in Albania, my boys shower only twice a week and Jadyn takes a bath only once a week.  I hope you won’t judge me.

13. I used to travel a lot with my job.  It meant that I was away from my family for a few days a month.   I miss that.

12. I didn’t really know how to cook “from scratch” until I moved to Albania.  I am now of the mind that anything made from a box or a can is “fast food.”

11. I used to drive around Wal-mart parking lots looking for the closest parking space because I did not want to walk that far.  Now I will walk 20 minutes each way for a “short” errand.

10. I love to read…. lots and lots of books.

9. I love to buy and collect books…I have learned this from my dad.

8. I miss my mom everyday.

7. I hate folding laundry.  And this is the one things I do almost every day.  Hmmmm

6. I have found a new passion and enjoyment in writing.

5.  I like to be organized and to have a plan.  It gives me the illusion of control.

4. I think everyone should have professional counseling a few times in their life.  We all have baggage …. need to unpack it every few years.

3. I love reading and studying the Bible.  Beth Moore is my hero.

2. I am completely and totally changed by adopting my youngest child.  It has changed the way I love all my children.

1. I love my husband…. he is my rock.


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  1. Jenny,

    I enjoyed reading your list again, and just had to comment on #2. I too have been radically changed! My views on life in general have been turned upside down and I’m anxious to see where God leads us next…

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