Worship Conference


This weekend, our church hosted its first Worship Conference.  It was designed to help worship leaders and members of their worship teams build healthy ministry in their churches across Albania and equip them with skills and tools.  I was asked to lead a session on Vocal Technique. I was a little unsure how I could communicate the wealth of information there is to cover in an hour and 15 minute session (about 40 minutes of material with translation) but I was willing to give it a shot.
There were over 20 women and 1 man who attended my session.  Most of the men who are singers are also guitar players and attended the session for guitarists… go figure.  But we had a fun time learning some of the basics and a few exercises that can help singers develops good habits and technique.
You know you’ve had a good session when…. you have requests for private lessons and seminars with churches in other cities.  Not that I can take any of that on just yet.  But I will be praying for the right time and opportunity to use the gifts God gave me in music here in Albania!  Who knew?

Only God.

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