I’m paniking!



A few days ago, Austin and Tyler came home with little stuffed bears that their Kindergarten teacher sent to their class from the US.  It is amazing to me how much they still loved stuffed animals and how receiving a new one sparks their love for all the old ones!  After playing with them for hours, we were getting ready for bed when Austin came in teary eyed.

Austin: I can’t find my bear!!

Me: Where did you last have him?

Austin: (A little louder, and more tears) He was in my room!

Me: Well, have you looked all over in your room?

Austin: (Getting very upset now and a little angry)Yes, he’s’ not there!

Me: What about the office?

Austin: (Totally losing control) He’s not anywhere!

Me: Okay, take a deep breath.  Let’s just calm down and talk about all the places you have been and where you need to still look.

Austin: (Deep breath, still very tearful) Okay, but it’s just that I’m … well, I’m upset because I’m paniking!

Oh, that I could explain my rampages this way.

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