Chinese New Year in Albania



Yesterday was Chinese New Year. 2009 is now the Year of the Ox.  All over the world, people celebrated this important Chinese holiday, even in Albania.  I took Jadyn to the mall yesterday.  The main store is the largest grocery store in Albania (think miniature Super WalMart) so I was getting some shopping done.  I saw more Chinese men yesterday at the mall, than I have ever seen in ALL of Albania!  I guess as a part of celebrating, they were making their New Year purchases at the mall.  One thing that was interesting to me was that I saw NO women.  I guess they were at home make food and feast preparations.

Since I had Jadyn with me, I drew an extra number of stares.  I am quite used to the staring by now since in Albania is not considered rude to stare.  So I made a few head nods by way of greeting and drew a few smiles.  Later as I was walking by a group of men I had seen earlier I attempted to strike up a conversation.

Do you speak English?

Flisni shqip? (Do you speak Albanian?)

They spoke only Chinese!  So we smiled and said “Ni Hao” (hello in Chinese) and went on our merry way.  I’ll admit I was a little surprised that they didn’t speak at least a little Albanian.  I have so many questions!  How long have you lived here?  Where in China did you come from?  Did you come here with your whole family?  How did you learn about Albania?  Can you teach me some Chinese?!

I wonder what they were thinking or wanting to ask me!!!!

Side note: NO, this picture was not taken in Albania….

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  1. Oh, I wish that they had spoken English and have to wonder how they survive not speaking Albanian. I can’t see that many Albanian folks speaking Mandarin…

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