The one about New Year’s Eve


Our New Year’s Eve day was full.  We got up in the morning (not early, mind you… we are on vacation) and took a trek up Mount Dajti.  This is the local mountain which has a gondola you can ride to the top.  There is a playground, coffee shop, lookout over the city and a number or restaurants.  (To read about one of our early Mt. Dajti adventures from our third month in Albania click here.)

We took a Frisbee and a ball so we would be able to enjoy the wide open spaces and mountain air and bundled up for the cold.  But we found plenty to do between the playground, lookout and SNOW!!


In the afternoon, I helped cook my neighbor’s turkey (their stove broke a few weeks ago).


This was after she spent a week in my freezer. At least I didn’t have to cut her head off and pluck her feathers.  That might have put me over the edge.

Later that evening (after the hair episode) we gathered at Matt and Cindy’s (with the Watanabe’s and the Zollinger’s too!) for an evening of food and games while waiting for the fireworks at midnight.



ALL the kids stayed up for the fireworks which we watched from Matt and Cindy’s 4th floor balconies. Fireworks in Albania brings a whole new meaning to the word “DANGER” so we’ll give you a little peak.  Unfortunately, I lost some of my videos from this year so this one is from last year when my mom and dad were here but you will get the idea.  🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. 1st – oh that turkey (was it?) yikes!
    2nd – I’m still trying to understand how all the houses didn’t burn down from fireworks shooting out of everyone’s windows!! That’s crazy! The kids sounded excited!

  2. hello again. Your family is beautiful. We are in the process of adopting ourselves. Our home visit is Feb 7th. I looked through your pictures. Lenita and Richard look good. I still remember the 4th of July in Colorado Springs….tell robert he will laugh…… call or email!

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