My brain made me do it


Tyler was caught in a lie a few weeks ago.  He and Austin had wanted to play on Webkinz World one afternoon and I asked if they had their homework done.  They both told me yes.  This was not the case.

They were both grounded from TV and video/computer games for 1 week.  Since this was just a few days before Christmas break and they were going to be home a lot this seemed to be a very big punishment in their eyes.  A day or two later, Tyler asked me if he could play with his dad’s Ipod.  I told him no, he was still grounded from video games.  Later that afternoon, I was looking around for him only to discover that he had taken the Ipod secretly up to his room to play when I thought he was reading.

After a time out and a little bit of time, I sat down with him to talk about what he had done.  He cried big tears and told me it wasn’t his fault.

“My brain made me do it!!”

I tried really hard not to laugh.  Really, I did.

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  1. I love reading your blog. Your stories remind of me of when my boys were little. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.

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