Backpack, Backpack…


Jadyn loves Dora.  She wants to watch it everyday.  And I am guilty of using the Dora moments to get things done at least once a day.  So she has started to carry around her backpack that Aunt Susanne gave her.


But what you may not be able to see is that she also has her trusty map. “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map!”


How do you get to the tall mounain?  You go over the troll bridge, through the friendly forest to get to the tall mountain!  The good news is we are sourrounded by mountains, so whenever we go out Jadyn can get to the tall mountain.  “MY tall Mountain!”

Begin a mom is the best!


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  1. How cute is she? I’m so glad for the clever solution for “the map!” Kylie constantly talks about wanting a map to put in her bag and until I saw Jadyn with hers, I never would have thought to have Kylie make herself one! I know exactly what our “special project” when she wakes up from her nap will be…

  2. Oh my — she’s just looking SO big in these pictures! Dora must be “the big thing” — when Anne Marie goes to Grandma & Grandpa’s she gets to see it & boy — she is glued!! How creative she is!!

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