Scripture Memory


Many years ago (this could have been”Once Upon a Time”), Robert and I memorized scripture.  We used the Topical Scripture Memory System.

topical-memoryOf all the things we have both done over the years, this is the one things that has changed our spiritual lives more than anything else.  There is a connection that happens with the Lord when you hide his Word in your heart.

This year, the boys are memorizing scripture at school.  They have one verse a week to memorize.  In order to make it easier for them, I added a topic to each verse.  The topic adds a “mental tag” to each verse that helps your brain categorize the verses.  Then when you are needing a verse to grab on to in a specific situation you will be able to think of each verse with its associated tag.   When it came time for their test at the end of the year, they were able to easily say all nine of the verses, tags and references with no problems!!

But recently, I read this post from a link I found somewhere….in the month of December this family read Luke Chapter 2 to their 3 year old every night.  At the end of the month, he had it memorized.  WOW. We are inspired to see what Jadyn might be able to accomplish!! Check it out!

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