Monthly Archives: December 2008

Merry Christmas!


I am way behind on posting… but for now I will put everything off to until the new year…. so watch for the following posts in the new year

Things I love about Christmas
Playing Tag
My brain made me do it
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Stuffed animal or stuffed chicken

Are you interested?

In the meantime enjoy a little Straight No Chaser. There is nothing like a little a capella for Christmas … and with attitude. I love it!


Civics Test



My dad sent me this Civics Test yesterday.  In the spirit of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” how is your knowledge about some basics of American History?   Take the test and post your score in the comments (if you aren’t too embarrassed). Tomorrow I will tell you how my dad and I scored!

Chinese food delivers in Albania


One of the hardest things about living here has been not having as many options for eating out OR for eating in. Cooking has more steps since there are less prepared items available and sometimes you just long for take out. Our wish came true….

Now really take out Chinese may always have been available but having a delivery made to your home takes much more than an address here in Albania. Many roads remain unnamed and finding a location is done more by…. “you know where the yellow apartment building is near the center of town? Okay, take the first small road on your left, follow it to the yellow house and turn left, etc…”

Our Albanian is finally good enough to order Chinese take out and have it delivered to our door. God is good.


It’s the little things


I wish you could have seen the smile on my face last night when I got into bed and snuggled down under my covers.   I mean it was gleeful.  And that goes along with the Christmas season right?  I might have even giggled!  Usually in the winter, getting into bed has been an excruciating experience.  I put it off as long as possible.  You see it was only 55 degrees in my bedroom when I went to bed.  And usually the sheets feel like they froze sometime during the day.  But last night I was toasty warm because my sweet friend De gave me an electric mattress pad for my bed!!  YEAH!  It really is the little things in life.  I thanked God that I have the opportunity to experience the JOY of a warm cozy bed.  And I only know it because I have experienced the cold.

I think this is somehow analagous to life…… yes, i am sure of it.

Hot Potato


Well, I have not blogged much in recent weeks.  It has been a really busy fall… but here is to getting back into the swing of things…. our version of the Wiggles Hot Potato.  I have FINALLY learned to post my videos online.