Like Big Bird!


I was putting the kids to bed tonight.  Our ritual is to turn out all the lights after we have read stories and the Bible and to sing a song.  I rock Jadyn in our rocking chair and the boys are in their bunk beds.   Tonight we were waiting for Tyler to bring a glass of water for Jadyn. While we waited, she became interested in my mole.  She always points to her own face and says “I have mole.”

Tonight I said, “No, you don’t have a mole but you have a freckle.”

Austin piped in, “Do Chinese people have moles?”

Before I could reply, Jadyn replied, “I Chinese!”

“Are you Chinese, Jadyn?” I asked.

“Yep,” she nodded, “like Big Bird!”

Guess what we have been watching this week?  Yep, Big Bird in China.


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  1. We have the same video — isn’t it great that the girls have things like this? It’s neat to have things that she understands here at home and learn a little bit about where they were born!

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