Rat Residence


I have been laughing at my friend Krystal’s posts this week.  I am not laughing anymore.

Yesterday I noticed little pieces of foam on the floor around the hide-a-bed sofa in the office.  I made a mental note to talk to the kids and be sure they were not picking at the foam mattress when they were watching TV.

Tonight I heard a little scratching under the couch while I was catching up on e-mail.

The light dawned.

We have a rat.

I called Robert and he came in and took the cushions off the couch.  We could see the little bugger running back and forth along with a some dog food he had been stock piling over the last few days.  After a few broom sweeps and squeals (yeah, that would be from me), he ended up in the toy box.  Robert took it outside and dumped it over and we watched him scurry away.


This is what we found behind the couch.

Snack anyone?

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  1. Eeew!!!!! Glad you were able to get rid of the little critter.

    Also, I am so happy you took the Clavinova. I would agree that it is a real need – an internal need, and those are important too.

    It’s an adventure living with you through the blog.


  2. Um, I have TWO rats…and their names are…get this…Cinderella and Desdemona…and we paid cash for them. But they’re babies and live in a cage. A post on that whole dealie is coming soon!

  3. Glad to know that we even share Albanian rat stories! Glad that you are 1 less rat in the house! What a pile of food he was foraging!:)

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