Meeting with God


I am slower than I had hoped in my efforts to return to blogging… sorry about that sweet friends!  Amid our return to life, we have been having a host of internet problems which are fixed now (the modem had gone bad…. took several days to get the company out to get it all fixed), and a 3 day retreat for the Youth Strategy team, things are just slowing me down!

But…. in the midst of all the busyness, I have gotten back to reading The Shack, which I started at the end of of the summer.  I never really reached the main problem of the story and so I was never compelled to keep reading (I only got through the first chapter or so….).  Now, I can hardly put it down.  It is one of those books that draws you in and you feel like you can spend days reading and soaking in all that you have read.  It challenges all that I think about God, His character, the facets of His personallity, and asks all the questions I have always wanted to ask God if I were to meet him face to face.  Although, I am still only half way through the book, I can recommend you read it and allow yourself to take a look at your faith journey. Please let me know your thoughts if you have read it and I will write more when I finish reading the book!!

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  1. I’m so glad that you are reading “The Shack.” It has changed my faith and my relationship with God and others. In telling people about the book I have found that people either love the book or don’t get it at all. Why I never considered that God would come to me in the form I needed to accept him and his answers to my questions I’ll never know. But I’m so thankful for this book in opening my eyes again to the wonder of his love and care for me. I can’t wait until you finish the book to hear your views. Have to admit that you are the reason I read the book. Looked at you list of reading materials and saw the link. Read a portion of the first chapter on line and called the bookstore. Purchased the book the same day. Labor Day weekend was my Shack time. Finally had to put it aside emotional overload. My greatest desire is to purchase a copy of the book for everyone I know. So want to share the wonder of “The Shack!”

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