I’m from China!


Well, after I long hiatus, I finally feel like I can get back to writing!  I have stories in the wings that I now just need to find time to write!  Just to get us started… I will let you know that for the first time yesterday, Jaydn let us know that she is from China!  We were looking at the world map hanging above the boys’ beds and finding countries all over the world.  When Robert asked the boys where China was, Jadyn got so excited and shouted, “I’m from China!” She said it over and over and was so excited to point to China on the map.  We have talked alot about where she is from in China but she had never verbalized anything about it.  It was so fun to see that light come on in her eyes when she was telling us where she is from!

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  1. Don’t you just love it when the little light switches on? Funny story about Kylie saying the same thing… A woman looked at me with true shock on her face and said, “You’ve told her that she’s from China and that she’s adopted?”
    I simply responded with, “We sorta guessed that she’d figure it out on her own one day anyway…”
    Glad you are getting back to blogging! I’m curious what is going on in the Wheelis family!

  2. SOOOOO glad to have you back in blog world! I’ll be sharing a funny story on my blog soon about Caroline and an encounter with a cashier at Target. The girl is funny!

    Sweet little Jadyn! I’ll bet she’s hilarious, shouting that! Wait till they all REALLY figure out their connection to EACH OTHER! How sweet that will be!

    I’ll be putting pictures of our visit at Cracker Barrel on my blog, hopefully this afternoon. See? You’re not the only one…I haven’t gotten half of my summer up on the blog yet!


  3. Hi!! Glad to see you’re back! Funny — Anne Marie has talked more about it since the Olympics — I guess we talked more about it as a family too. So cute to hear about Jaydn’s excitement w/ it!
    The Hartzler’s

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