Returning soon….


Some of you may be wondering what has happened to me (us).  Where have I been?  What have I been up to?  Well, I can honestly tell you that our HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) has been full.  I appreciated my friend Carrie’s post today about why she hasn’t been blogging…. here’s my version:

1. My camera finger has stopped working.  We have taken so many picture this summer it just wore out.  I am so behind on posting pictures I don’t know where to start.

2. We have been staying with family and friends for 9 weeks.  As a general rule, they want to talk, not read my blog.  

3. “The Olympics have occupied much of my normal blogging time. I just can’t tear myself away. As fun as it has been to watch Micheal, Nastia, Shawn, Natalie, and Usain, I will be glad to be TVless again in the evenings.”  Well said by Carrie Baker!

We leave for Albania on Wednesday.  Hope to get back to blogging soon!

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  1. We’ve been spellbound by the Olympics too! Several nights I’ve said around 10 that “I’m going to bed at the next commercial,” but then I would see what was coming up next and and up hitting the sack when local news comes on. I’m so tired!!!

    I hope that you had a wonderful time here in the states and pray that your return to Albania will be joyful!

    Looking forward to you blogging again…


  2. I’ve missed you in the blog world…not that I’ve been so stellar about it myself this summer…but I was EVER so glad to see you and your family this summer! I feel very blessed! Even though it was a short visit, it meant the world to us for you and Robert and the kids to take time to spend with us! I will be posting photos from our visit soon (hopefully this week) on my blog.

    Much love…

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