Painting pictures of Egypt


You all must get tired of me quoting songs….. but God speaks to my heart so much through the music of His faithful! So… in the midst of this journey of committing myself to this process God is doing in me I discovered this song.

What is my Egypt? I think for me it is America, home. Or at least the memory of what used to be home. I find myself thinking about “home” a lot. Where is my home? Now that I am “home” here is the US I feel more homeless! And I miss the familiarity and simplicity of life in that place I now call home: Albania. My friend Bex, serving in North Africa says it well:

I spend everyday – even in the US – torn between loving where I am and missing what I have left. I am reassured to remember that there is One who holds every day of my life in His hands – whether that be here or there I can always rest in His faithfulness and love.

And it is true that you can never go back to the place you were. And when I paint pictures of those places I leave out all the things that were a struggle for me there. And the places that used to fit me can not hold the things I’ve learned. I have to find new places. For now that is the place where I am.

Lord, let me release the past and the future to YOU and be present in the place you have me now.

What is your Egypt?


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  1. Where do you find these songs, Jenny? I love ‘Painting Pictures.’ I could relate to it, too. Not feeling like I belong yet in Arizona, but at the same time, knowing that if I went back to Ohio, things wouldn’t be the same… Yet I long for how things used to be. How much bigger that is on an international scale, I can only imagine. Travelling mercies for you on your road trip. Hope you are having a blast! Love you all!

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