Things I forgot about America


Well, we have arrived.  After 27 hours including a 3 hour delay and 1 mom breakdown, our sweet family arrived in Denver.  I will confess that I sort of fell into my dad’s arms and cried (more on that “mom breakdown” later).   

So now we have all had a little time to refresh and are enjoying our time with family.  As we have been doing some catching up on what has been happening while we have been away, I have been compiling a list of things I forgot while we have been living in Albania. 

I forgot:

1.  How CLEAN everything is ( and I am talking PRISTINE) !

2.  How rude people can be. I know this is true everywhere but I must not notice it as much in Albania since I don’t understand the language well. 

3.  How many different types of people there are.  It was a relief to not be an odd ball. 

4. That you do not have to honk your horn to say “Stay out of my way!” as a car approaches on the side street.  They ARE going to obey the street signs. 

5.  You can put your toilet paper in the toilet. Ahhh….

6.  Everyone speaks English and I can understand all the side conversations going on around me. This can be good and bad. 

7.  There are lots of RESTAURANT and FOOD choices. Yum!

8.  You have to drive practically everywhere.  Always being in a car seat or booster seat is an adjustment for the kids.

9.  The trip to the store for milk takes more than 2 minutes.  I think I drove around for 10 just trying to remember where the closest grocery store was!

10.  Adoption is a well known concept and if I say Jadyn is my daughter I won’t have to answer 10 questions about why and how she is my daughter. 


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  1. So glad you all made it home, Jenni! WOW, that’s a long trip! And only one meltdown? Shoot, I nearly had one myself on a trip to Florida last week! Glad you guys have some time stateside. Hope you have a pleasant, restful time and eat lots of yummy food!

    Love and blessings…


  2. Jenny, I know you are excited to be home with family and friends. I have been following your blog most every week. Arden and me get blessed everytime we read. When I get on the computer she tells me Cinderella Mom. She loves for me to play the video you posted. It is good to know you and your family are safe in the US. Enjoy your time and relax (yeah right). Thanks for letting us in on your everyday adventures!

    The Causey’s
    (AWAA Jiangxi family)

  3. Jenny-

    So glad you made it home safe! I really enjoy reading your blog. I miss you guys sooo much. I don’t suppose you will be journeying anywhere near Florida while in the states?

    -Amanda Potter

  4. It’s nice you are able to come “home” for a visit. I just wish we all lived closer — it would be great to see you all while you’re back!! Enjoy your visit!!

    Tha Hartzler’s

  5. wheelis family!!

    my, how you’ve grown–the boys are so big i didn’t recognize them, and your daughter is precious! thx for leaving a msg on my blog. i loved catching up with what you’ve been doing by reading some of your back postings. albania–i’m blown away:) please stay in touch. i’ll be reading to see what adventure lies in store for you all next. holla at us if you get to the okc area–we’d love to meet up!

  6. Wow! Talk about perspective!!! Thanks for sharing!

    I leave tomorrow morning at 4:30am for a month in Africa. Please keep Andrea in your prayers, as well as the kiddos that I’m taking with me.

    Love you guys. Can’t wait for late-nights at my place in August!

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