Things I have grown accustomed to…


It is amazing what you can get used to…. here are just a few of the things that top my list from the last two years.

1. Cars passing me on the road with only inches to spare. I hardly flinch.

2. Cars honking behind me to get out of their way on narrow roads. I frequently ignore them and go on my way until there is a safe place to move over. This often happens when I am with Jadyn. I need a sign that says “wide load.” It has new meaning on our narrow streets!

3. Opening and shutting the windows and outer blinds on our house on a rotation system throughout the day. It is all based on where the sun is! In the early morning I can leave everything open until about 8:30 or 9:00. Then I have to shut all the upstairs windows and shades to try to keep the heat out. After 3:30 or so, the sun has moved enough for me to open everything back up (at least on one side of the house) and let the hot air out.

4. Closing all the downstairs windows at night so we don’t get stray cats inside looking for food. I am guarding my trash.

5. Sweeping up and endless supply of ants. Yes we have sprayed…… they must live somewhere very deep in the walls AND they can find the smallest morsel of food with in a 10 yard radius.

6. Enjoying crunchy towels that are hung to dry. Whey use the dryer in the summer and add to the heat? Great for exfoliation.

7. How to shake t-shirts just right before hanging them on the line so they don’t have any wrinkles. This works better with the kids clothes than Robert’s. 🙂

8. Short seasons of certain fruits. Strawberries came and went so fast we almost missed it. We will only see them again at very expensive prices in certain markets.

9. Turkish coffee… it is an experience one can not describe. I am anxious to fix it for those of you we will visit this summer! Read more about my Turkish coffee adventures tomorrow!

10. Sweating all day and smelling a wide variety of scents when I ride the bus or even meet people on the road. Can you say deoderant?

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  1. Oh, you and I have been thinking alike this week! Love the crunchy towel one! Have a great time in the States!

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