Shout for JOY!


We have been doing a morning devotional called Our 24 Family Ways.  As the boys continue developing, we look for new and creative ways to build in Godly character and values that are based in scripture.  This is one of the best books I have found in an EASY-TO USE format!  (Thank you Sally and Clay!)

So last week our value was:

We chose to be joyful even when we feel like complaining.

Sounds like a good one huh?

A few nights ago at dinner, I was asking the boys about their day and how they were doing on the joy meter.  Did you chose to be joyful at school?

Tyler (very seriously):  I was only a little joyful.

Me: How come?

Austin: We don’t have that much time to be joyful, Mom.  Recess is really short.

Tyler: Yeah, it’s only 15 minutes!

Me (trying not to laugh too hard or spit out the food in my mouth): Well, you can be joyful in the classroom can’t you?

Austin: No, Mrs. Bryant doesn’t let us talk.

Tyler:  We have to raise our hand.

Ah, the joyless life of a child…

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