Are we there yet?


Nope… we are at home. We are out for the count. The damage to the car was more than we thought. That is what we get for buying a car for $500. But even if we have to put $1000 into it we come out ahead! We know so many people who have spent much more on a car only to pay $1000 in repairs in the first year. Albania is just hard on cars!

Can I tell you what great friends we have though? Two friends met us Monday at the car, helped us get it all fixed. Von transported the family home and Scott spent the rest of the day with Robert getting the car repairs started. Special thanks to their WIVES and FAMILIES for allowing those great guys to come out and help us (Von on his day off and Scott missing his work day). And what a God thing, that Klodi, a mechanic from our church just happened to drive by. He fixed the car enough that Robert could drive it to the repair shop, saving us the danger of towing on these Albanian roads!

Other friends called on Tuesday and offered us their car for at least a day or overnight trip. Isn’t that amazing? We took a trip to the “mall” and then to the Kolonat (our version of McD’s minus the good hamburgers…) so the kids could play in the ball pit. And Jennifer has been with us here at the house so it has sort of felt like a mini vacation… Praises that we were not far out of Tirana when the car died… could have been much worse! Today we are headed out to the park to walk some paths, not great weather or much else to do but it will be good to be out of the house!

I am still trying to hang on to what God wanted wants to teach us by keeping us home. It was a disappointment not to be able to go. Robert has not been out of country since October and that can just wear you down. Please pray that we will feel rested after this week and rest in the One who knows it all!

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Boy, what a week you have had! Sorry about the car trouble and the trip cancelation. You handle it with such humor though.
    I also loved the little girl singing the Lord’s Prayer. It is amazing!
    I think of you often and wish you the best. Looking forward to seeing you in the summer.
    Love, JoAnne

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