Road Trip to Saranda (Part 2)


Back to our road trip to Saranda….

Our efficiency apartment in Saranda was owned by the uncle of our friend Toni.  The rooms both had balconies that faced the beach that we rented for $20 per night. 


Each had  a bathroom and three single beds along with a kitchen area for us to cook our meals.  I had asked Toni in advance to ask a few specific questions so I would know what I would need to bring from home to prepare.  There was a water pot and small skillet but I was glad I brought along my big skillet from home for making one pot meals.  We did also make spaghetti which was an interesting adventure to try to figure out how to make noodles and sauce with only one available burner. 


Since Saranda is not an enormous town we were glad to be able to make our own meals.  There are restaurants but many were either out of our price range or serving the same traditional Albanian foods we can get in Tirana.  We had fun walking on the boardwalk and collecting rocks and looking at the boats.dsc07997.jpg 

The boys had a blast climbing rocks along the shore and Jadyn came home loaded with pebbles from the beach in her diaper.  This is the true measure of a fun day in my opinion. dsc08058.jpg

We were also super blessed to have Jennifer come along.  Jennifer is from our home church in Norman.  She was here is last summer with the team and has come back to serve at the orphanage for 6 months. 



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