Road Trip (Part 1)


Hello again, blog readers! After a short hiatus and time away from Internet, we are all back home again and ready to tell of our latest adventures. Between that, slowed internet  at home and a stomach virus, it has taken me a while to get back to the computer.  I have taken two road trips over the last month. One to southern Albania with the family (+ Jennifer) and one by myself and 16 other American women to Croatia for the Women of the Harvest retreat. So I will tell of adventures and things learned over a couple of posts!

We took a short road trip to Saranda in southern Albania at the end of February.   We just had the ghetto car (the one we bought for $500) fixed (about $160) and then drove 200 miles which took 7 hours over some of the worst roads we have ever traveled. There were a lot roads that looked like swiss cheese.


Many of the roads were curvy and mountainous so it was slow going. There were more than a few times that I gasped, held my breath, or grabbed on to the “oh crud” bar. I only really became nervous when we passed a headstone or monument along the road. That was about every 200 yards! It seemed they were everywhere! Obviously we were traveling roads where there have been many accidents.


Side note: Someone told us a couple weeks ago that these monuments along the road are not from accidents along the road but to mark the places where people died in the chaos that broke out in Albania 1997. After a series of pyramid schemes that nearly everyone put their life savings in, the economy in all of Albania collapsed. Citizens then raided bunkers that still remained from Communism which stored weapons that the government had failed to secure. There was shooting in the streets and fights among neighbors. Foreigners and missionaries were evacuated for about 6 months.  This monument is dated a little later than that period so it is unclear what might have happened to this man.


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