47 outside, 61 inside



It is 47 degrees out today (might be warmer in the sun) and only 61 in the living room.  Sheesh… I’m chilly.  Last night I could see my breath in the bathroom.  Did you know that when we first moved here someone told me that missionaries were more prone to urinary tract infections during the winters here because they “hold it.”  When your rear end sticks to the seat you’ll know why!  I have to constantly remind myself that it is warmer outside and if we would all bundle up and go for a walk we would warm ourselves up!

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  1. Jenny, I’m so glad to have found your website! I’ve often thought of you and wondered how you guys are doing over in Albania. I’ve got a LOT of reading to do to catch up…
    I’m very sorry for you about the toilet seat thing ~ sorry but laughing out loud at the same time. Hope things warm up soon!
    I’ll pray for warmer temperatures…

  2. Oh, woman!! You are tooo funny. I often do the same thing…now I know why that fact you shared is true. It sure makes wanting to take a shower less appealing in the frozen tundra of our bathroom.See ya later!

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