Finding Beauty



Recently my mom told me she hoped I would find a moment of beauty in my day. I confess that I don’t see much beauty in the winter. It seems like a dreary, yucky time of year to me. And since we don’t have the beautiful snow of the mountains of Colorado, the rain and mud here don’t really speak to me in the same way!

But I have been looking for beauty in my days. I have been lighting candles in my living room and kitchen… the smells and soft light bring a peace to the room. I have been playing music more… the sounds are soothing to the soul. And I have been asking God to show me beauty, small bits of it, in my day.

This morning, I sat down in the kitchen after breakfast with my computer to catch up on some blog reading and turned on some music. Before long Jadyn was dancing at my feet. As I looked at her she smiled and grinned, lifting her hands up to the sky. The song was “The Glory of your Name” by Watermark (oh how I miss Watermark! When the kids are grown I pray they will make more albums!) I picked her up and we danced around the kitchen, singing. She has the BEST giggle! After I was out of breath, she said “Mo! (more)” and we did it all again. What a beautiful moment. I said, “Look at mama” and she gave me a sweet, secret smile with her chin tucked down as if to say “We have a special secret, mom, in these beautiful moments.” Oh how I love my beautiful daughter… what a gift!

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