An orphanage visit


Yesterday we went to our friend’s house for dinner. Bob and Cathy (and their 4 kids ages 10-17) are from Washington State and are serving as the house parents at the Bethany Christian Center Orphanage on the outskirts of Tirana. They live in an apartment on the second floor of the main building which houses about 40 orphaned babies under 12 months. As we were waiting for dinner to cook, Cathy took me downstairs to visit the babies. There was a large play area with about 10 -12 babies crawling or laying around on the floor or mattresses. PRECIOUS! Words are not enough to describe the feelings you experience when you hold and love on these babies and see their faces light up with delight as you play and interact with them. As I moved from baby to baby, Jadyn was getting a little jealous, trying to sit in my lap, or pull on my leg. She did NOT want to share her mommy or any of the toys she selected. I wondered if she has any memories of her own time in the orphanage or other children she might have played with while in the care of her foster family. It was truly heartbreaking to leave the children because one will always be crying and there are not nearly enough hands to hold and stimulate all the babies in the way that they need. Please pray for forever families for these precious ones. Bethany’s goal is to place them with adoptive families or return them to their own home by the time they are 3 years old. But the Albanian adoption process is long, expensive and tedious. (Even more so than China!)


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