Wal-Mart comes to Albania



Okay, not literally but I sure felt like I was in a Wal-Mart today when we took a trip to the mall. The QTU (Center for Shopping) opened three years ago on the outskirts of Tirana, nothing like it had ever been seen in Albania. It is a mall in the sense we think of a mall with a Grocery store (EuroMax) and an electronic store as the anchors. There were about a dozen other stores so it was a fun place to shop (or at least window shop). The grocery store was about the size of a Walgreens or Long’s Drug store.Today we felt like we had stepped into another country! We had heard rumor of an expansion but could not really see how they were going to make the EuroMax and the mall bigger. They built an entirely NEW EuroMax on the back of the mall and all new stores in between! You should have seen us…. “wow… look at this…look at that…. over here!” We were like kids in a candy store! It is now truly like a super Wal-Mart has come to Albania. The produce section was amazing and the selection of items from hardware to electronics was truly unbelievable!We still recognize, however the dichotomy that IS Albania. For all those who can get to the QTU Mall by car or bus, there remain those who still have difficulty putting food on the table and whose shadows will not cross the door of this new super store or one like it for at least another 10- 15 years. Change is coming to Albania but the gap is widening between the haves and have nots. We were excited to see how many people were receiving training in the new stores today. New stores does mean new jobs and employment for those in need. There is still over 25% unemployment in Albania. Please continue to pray with us that the change that comes is in the hearts and minds of people leaning on Jesus, not just in the availability of things we can buy.

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  1. Hey Jenny! It has been so so long and I was actually just thinking of y’all the other day, what y’all could be up to and sad we had lost contact…and I found you through the Baker’s new blog! Actually, Drew added y’all onto our missionary prayer list the other night (random!) and that made me think of you. Turns out he was right! : ) When did y’all go to Albania? From your blog it sounds like you are doing pretty good living in the new country. Jadyn is precious! Last time we talked must have been in Norman and you were still mid-adoption process…I’m so glad to see how God has provided : ) Just in case you can’t see my email, i have somewhat of a blog on xanga at: http://www.xanga.com/christywight – i’d so love to hear from you! warning: i just had a small rant on there : ) Hope your day is blessed! We’ll permanantly add y’all to the missionary prayer list now : ) Much Love!

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