Top 10 things I have learned in Albania


10. How long it takes for jeans to dry on the line in summer and in winter (summer= 2 hours, winter=3 days).

9. How to cook by candle light.

8. How to manage 3-5 electrical items on one circut before it will blow

7. How to take a shower, run a load of laundry and wash the courtyard without running out of water. It’s harder than it sounds!

6. How to have a conversation while saying only “Po, Jo and mire!” (Yes, no, good!)

5. How to direct a taxi while saying only “Right, left, straight, HERE!!”

4. How to keep from gasping while riding shotgun with my husband driving. (I am really gasping at other people, not him!)

3. How to shake my head when saying yes… I mean “po” and how to lift my chin up and click with my tongue when saying no… I mean “jo.”  And how to do all that like I really know what I am saying.

2. How to gesture wildly to explain what I mean in a conversation.

1. How to follow a brave Albanian across a busy intersection, carefully placing them between myself and any oncoming traffic, all while dodging cars in a stop and go fashion!

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