Cafe me shoqe (Coffee with a friend)



Coffee is a great expression of friendship here in Albania. When someone invites you over for coffee it is more than just a polite gesture. It is a true expression of saying “I like you. Let’s spend some time together.” By visiting someone and allowing them to serve you coffee, you are showing honor and friendship to your host.

I went today to have coffee with my neighbor. They have 4 children ages 6-16 and the boys play together quite a lot. Their boys, Armando and Gjemi are older but Austin and Tyler have forged a bond over futbol (soccer) and bikes. They all learn a lot of language through playing, English and Albanian. Their youngest daughter, Uendi (Wendy) is 6 and she LOVES Jadyn. They all do really so it is a great conversation starter. I was so proud of myself because I could really carry on a whole conversation in Albanian and really understood almost everything. They are so patient with me. I took muffins and she made coffee and we talked for an hour. What an accomplishment! YEAH! Visiting is a good thing to do when there is no power…. as soon as the lights came on we parted ways… laundry to do, dishes to wash , lunch to make! 🙂


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