Linda (in Albanian- “leen- da”)


Our house helper Linda has been such a blessing to us over the last 5 months. I swear that she can clean our house with only a few bottles of water and no electricity better than I could have ever imagined! And she does it while dotting on Jadyn so that I can attend language lessons. She is also a great help to both of us in practicing language. Because she is someone we trust and we have a good relationship, we both feel comfortable to “try out” our new phrases and words on Linda and she is ever patient in helping us negotiate meaning!

Last week, our friend Melodye called and asked me to pray for Linda (Linda also helps at Melodye’s house, cleaning and watching her son, Jonathan). Linda and her family live with her husband’s parents. This is very common in Albanian culture that a son and his wife would live with his parents. Only recently are we seeing young couples move out on their own as the economy and culture is changing. Linda, her husband Gjergji and son Ergi, live in one room on the second floor of Gjergi’s parents home. Recently it has become a difficult situation. Gjergji’s parents have been yelling and threatening them, telling them to move out. They have no where to go and no money with which to rent or buy another house. Gjergji has said to his parents “Where would we go?” They finally have had to contact the police who have come and talked with the parents and instructed them not to make anymore threats. There is concern that there is a mental health issue, especially where the father is concerned.

Please pray for peace in their home. Please pray that they will find ways of talking together and living together in harmony. We know that only Jesus can completely redeem this situation. Please pray for wisdom and patience on the part of Linda and her husband Gjergji. And pray that we will continue to offer hope as we pray with them and offer our friendship and support.


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